Funds Raised

Some of the charities which have benefited from our concerts are listed below. In addition to our twice-yearly Singing For You concerts we perform for a variety of local good causes and in a variety of locations. On average we raise around £10,000 each year for charity. If you know of a good cause, in the NE Hampshire/Surrey borders area, which needs money please get in touch. On behalf of these charities, we gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our audiences.

Date Charity Amount
Dec-2017 Naomi House & Jacksplace £1,500
Dec-2017 Frimley Health Charity Stroke Appeal £137
Dec-2017 Children of The Dump in Manilla £935
Oct-2017 Christ Church, Church Crookham maintenance & renovation £600
Oct-2017 St Mary's Nursery, Camberley £4,300
Jul-2017 (with other MVCs) Parkinson's UK £8,667.41
Jun-2017 Help for Heroes £811
Jun-2017 Friends of Farnham Hospital & Centre for Health £88.50
Jun-2017 Haslemere Methodist Church Redevelopment Fund £730
Apr-2017 Christian Aid £625
Apr-2017 MarieCurie Cancer Care £605
Mar-2017 LinkAble and other Community Good Causes £776
Dec-2016 Frimley Health Breast Care Appeal £230
Dec-2016 Friends of Farnham Hospital & Centre for Health £1,750
Dec-2016 Children of The Dump in Manilla £1,100
Nov-2016 Dogmersfield All Saints Church Restoration Fund Over £1,300
Sep-2016 Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, Farnham £2,014
Jul-2016 Tearfund £1,061
Jun-2016 Frimley Health Breast Care Appeal £1,266
May-2016 Macmillan Cancer Support £722
Apr-2016 St Vincent de Paul £1,000
Feb-2016 Samber Riding for the Disabled £735
Dec-2015 Frimley Health Breast Care Appeal £224
Dec-2015 Farnham Assist £1,000
Nov-2015 ASCT Unknown
Nov-2015 Phyllis Tuckwell £2,500
Oct-2015 Woking & Sam Bear Hospice £494
Oct-2015 Beacon Hill URC Church £500
Jun-2015 Congo Appeal £1,000
Jun-2015 Home-Start Rushmoor and Hart £1,050
May-2015 Milford Hospital £350
Apr-2015 Alzheimer's Society £615
Feb-2015 Marie Curie £582
Dec-2014 The Prostate Project £2,125
Jun-2014 Step by Step £2,182
Dec-2013 Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, Farnham £3,050
Jun-2013 Christopher's Smile Cancer Charity -
coz kids get cancer too
Dec-2012 Frimley Park Hospital 'Saving Tiny Lives' Appeal £2,485
Jun-2012 Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance Service £1,617
Dec-2011 Bells Piece Cheshire Home £2,795
Jun-2011 Shooting Star CHASE £2,000
Nov-2010 The Prostate Project £3,023
Jun-2010 Frimley Park Hospital Heart2Heart Appeal £3,359
Nov-2009 The Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust £1,900
Jun-2009 Disability Initiative £1,900
Nov-2008 British Heart Foundation and Army Benevolent Fund £2,750
May-2008 Step by Step (previously known as Emmaus Projects) £1,600
Nov-2007 Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, Farnham £2,750
May-2007 Apprentices of the Orpheus Centre £2,100
Dec-2006 The Samaritans £1,800
May-2006 Arthritis Research Campaign £825
Dec-2005 Disability Challengers £2,522
May-2005 Parkinson's Disease Society £1,800
Dec-2004 Parity £2,432
May-2004 Kids £1,550
Dec-2003 Rushmoor & Hart Victim Support £2,100
May-2003 Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, Farnham £2,425
Dec-2002 Emmaus Projects £2,000
May-2002 CHASE £1,800
Dec-2001 Coronary Care Unit, Frimley Park Hospital £2,000
May-2001 Positron Emission Tomography £1,800
Dec-2000 British Heart Foundation £2,500
May-2000 Rushmoor & Hart Victim Support £1,200
Dec-1999 Homestart £2,000
Dec-1998 Dysphasia Support £1,900
May-1998 Emmaus Projects £800
Dec-1997 Make-a-Wish Foundation £1,800
Dec-1996 Alzheimer's Disease £1,200
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