Our Recordings

On this page you can view the discography of our CDs and play the tracks so you can hear us perform them as well!


  1. Song of the Jolly Roger 

  2. The Lord Bless You and Keep You 

  3. Tui Egeo

  4. Bring Him Home

  5. With a Voice of Singing

  6. Cantique de Jean Racine

  7. Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue

  8. The Lord’s Prayer

  9. An American Trilogy

  10. Kwmbayah

  11. Softly as I Leave You

  12. African Prayer

  13. What Would I Do Without My Music

  14. Bridge Over Troubled Water

  15. Rhythm of Life

RMVC CD2 coverart

  1. A Cole Porter Medley

  2. I Dreamed a Dream

  3. Gwahoddiad

  4. She

  5. Goin’ Home

  6. Sunset Poem

  7. Love, Could I Only Tell Thee

  8. Kalinka

  9. Jacobs Ladder

  10. Two Little Boys

  11. Londonderry Air

  12. Let There Be Peace On Earth

  13. Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal

  14. Your Raise Me Up

  15. Y Darlun

  16. Anthem

  17. Abide With Me

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