We are a group of around 50 men based in the Hampshire/Surrey area who love to sing!

We aim principally to entertain our audiences and ourselves, to raise money for charity and to have fun doing it. We occasionally go in for competitions, just to keep ourselves on our toes, although we are not “pot hunters”. Having said that, we came a creditable third when we entered the Welsh National Eisteddfod and we were very successful when we entered the Portsmouth Music Festival.

However, our main activity is the twenty or so concerts we do each year which simply provide entertainment, often for the elderly or handicapped, in churches, village halls and residential homes mainly in Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire. The choir helps to raise around £10,000 every year for local good causes. If you are considering organising such an event for your local charity please contact our Concert Secretary.

We promote two charity concerts ourselves annually — one in the summer and one prior to Christmas at Farnham Maltings — for the benefit of local charities which we choose. Our loyal band of appreciative supporters — and we would like you to be amongst them — help us to make these events into great occasions — in which we and our invited artists use our talents to provide exciting music and fun, and at the same time support some very worthy causes.


Vice-President: Sir Gerald Howarth

Musical Director: Stephen Petch

Chairman: Peter Viveash

Our beginning

The Rushmoor MVC was founded in 1960 by Geoffrey Waller specifically to sing in the Aldershot Music Festival. Approaches to local church choirs brought volunteers from many backgrounds and walks of life. Since there was an odd one from here and an odd one from there, the name “Odd Fellows” seemed very appropriate.Sadly Geoff died on 3 September 1998 at the age of 86; we miss his attendances at our concerts from time to time to check up on us – and ensure we were maintaining the very high standards he had sought for the Rushmoor MVC.

We were fortunate that Geoff was succeeded as Musical Director by Colin Wilson who maintained the standards and developed our style over twenty years. Colin was born in Merthyr Tydfil, educated in science at Oxford and has had a career in teaching. He brought a thoroughly professional level of expertise to the art of conducting and under his leadership the choir explored many new avenues of performance and achieved new heights. Colin hung up his baton at the end of 2000 but continued occasionally joining the ranks of our Second Basses and the London Welsh MVC until his death.

Since 2000 our Musical Director has been Stephen Petch whose tenacious hard work, exuberance and profound skill is succeeding in bringing the choir to even greater heights!

Choir group photos over the years